Double bike rack is a handy bicycle parking mechanism, with the ultimate use of space, you get twice as many bikes in the same room as every standard rack.

On the double bicycle rack you can place all types of bikes, such as mountain bikes and city bikes, which can be chained or D-locked, or on double bicycle rack for extra safety.


The unique aspect of spatial exploitation, as well as the costs of creating the stand itself, makes it exclusive in the growing demanding market for the same, especially in the areas of stations, shopping centers, schools, car parks and various offices.

The lower part of the rack has a front wheel holder, so it is easy to use for all ages. This bike rack is an excellent choice for space saving because it is compact and the distance from center to center is 400 mm. The upper part of the stand is located on the gas spring and is used in a simple and easy way. On the back of the upper bicycle rack there is a stop, which also offers extra security.

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