Steel is a modern and reliable material suitable for construction. It gives great freedom to architects and designers to adapt and to bring the project to your wishes and needs. Steel It is stylish, durable and easy to use for all kinds of upgrades and designs. The basic advantages of metal structures are the possibility of a complete factory design, as well as the assembly of finished parts of the construction. Possibility to combine with other materials. Long service life with safe and convenient maintenance. It can be disassembled and reassembled at a different location. Material that is good for the environment.


In the field of production and assembly of steel structures we offer a wide range of services relating to the assembly and production of metal structures adapted to the wishes of investors. By installing new and upgrading existing production areas, roof structures made of steel, we provide space for static stability and shape the needs of investors while guaranteeing quality.


We are able to design steel constructions based on your proposal and wishes with our experts. If you need metal constructions, our professionals are at your disposal.